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Filtration is a common process used in numerous industries where solid particles are separated from the liquid phase by passing the liquid through a semipermeable media.

Strauch Chemical offers filter media, filter aids, and its associated hardware for use in this classic liquid/solid separation.

These technologies can be implemented in a variety of applications ranging from extremely high solid separations using filter aids such as diatomite, perlite and cellulose fiber to the separation of very fine particles and microorganisms in Food & Beverage, Biologicals and Pharmaceuticals using polypropylene depth filter cartridges, cellulosic depth filter sheets and stacked disc cartridges.

Strauch Chemical markets filtration media and hardware manufactured specifically for the filtration of critical pharmaceutical processes.  BECO® depth filtration sheets, BECODISC® stacked disc cartridges, and high purity Celpure® diatomite all meet the requirements set forth by United States Pharmacopeia and provide validation guides that provide support for the design, execution and documentation of a validated process.

As a service, we provide scale up studies and in-plant filterability testing.

BECODISC® Stacked Disc Cartridges