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BECO Depth Filter Sheets
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BECO Depth Filter Sheets

From Eaton Filtration we offer Begerow depth filter sheets, which are manufactured primarily from very pure finely fibrillated cellulose and diatomite mineral components. BECO® Sheets ensure high dirt holding capacity and safe retention of solids. Begerow depth filter sheets can be installed into our BECO-INTEGRA® PLATE enclosed filter presses, horizontal leaf filters or in classic plate and frame filters.

Depth Filter Sheet Types

  • BECO PR Range low-endotoxin and low-ion filter sheets meet the exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • BECO PR ENDURA® Range support sheets can be used in precoat filtration in combination with all common filter aids and as a support media for the harvest of filter cakes for protein recovery. The low endotoxins content of these sheets make them particularly suitable for use in critical pharmaceutical processes.
  • BECO CPS Range depth filter sheets have been optimized for the filtration of highly viscous liquids with particles of course, crystalline, amorphous or gel-like structures.
  • BECO Standard Range depth filter sheets have been manufactured for use in Food and Beverage, Chemical and Industrial applications. This range offers numerous grades that cover a wide retention range from 0.1-µm to 4.0-µm
  • BECO ACF07 depth filter sheets have a high adsorption capacity that is achieved through a high content of highly active activated carbon.

Beco filtersheets