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BECODISC® Stacked Disc Cartridges
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BECODISC® Stacked Disc Cartridges

From Eaton Filtration we offer Begerow BECODISC® Stacked Disc Cartridges

All BECO Depth Filter Sheets can be installed into BECODISC® Stacked Disc Cartridges. The advanced design of the Begerow cartridges will provide excellent mechanical stability for bypass free filtration. The design of the cartridges has proven particularly successful for final filtration or as prefilters that provide a high degree of security in downstream membrane protection. Optional double o-ring configuration provides the highest level in sanitary design and ease of use.

The Begerow BECODISC Stacked Disc Cartridges can be installed into our BECO-INTEGRA DISC housings as well as most stacked disc module housings available.

BECODISC® Stacked Disc Cartridges