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Celatom Perlite Filter Aid
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Celatom Perlite Filter Aid

Manufactured by EP Minerals Celatom Perlite is a filter media of high porosity that is manufactured from perlite ore, which is an igneous mineral. When a particle of perlite ore is heated to approximately 2400°F the aluminum silicate becomes a molten liquid glass that expands explosively due to the intrinsic moisture present within the particle. The expanded perlite is then milled and separated into various grades.

When Celatom perlite is applied to the filter septum it forms a low-density, highly porous filter cake that is ideal for liquid-solid separation in high solids applications and the maintenance of filter cake permeability through the bodyfeed addition of the perlite media upstream of the filter press, filter housing or vessel.

Celatom Perlite