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Celpure® USP-NF Diatomite Filter Aid
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Celpure® USP-NF Diatomite Filter Aid

Celpure® is a highly purified USP-NF grade of diatomaceous earth for use in the maintenance of filter cake permeability through the bodyfeed (addition) of the media upstream of the filter press, filter housing or vessel.  Due to the exceptional high purity of this filter aid, Celpure® diatomite is particularly well suited for pressure filtration in high purity chemical, and critical pharmaceutical or biotech applications.

Celpure® filter aid production is structured to meet the requirements of ISO9002 as well as the appropriate CGMPs and guidance documents.

clean diatom
Scanning electron micrograph of Celpure diatom surface (5000x). Celpure media undergoes calcination after purification. This minimizes impurities and increases bulk density.

dirty diatom
Scanning electron micrograph of conventional food grade diatom surface (5000x). Conventional diatomite undergoes calcination without purification, this fuses impurities to the diatoms surface.