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Pre-co-Floc® Cellulose Fibers Filter Aids
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Pre-co-Floc® Cellulose Fibers Filter Aids

Pre-co-Floc® filter aid is an environmentally friendly filter aid made from cellulose fibers. Pre-co-Floc cellulose fibers can be used independently where silica cannot be tolerated in the system, or together with Celatom® DE or Celatom perlite filter aids. In filtration applications, cellulose can greatly improve filtration performance when used as a primary or remedial precoat with diatomaceous earth by:

  • Bridging gaps in the filter septum and small mechanical leaks in the gaskets and leaf seats.
  • Improving the stability of the filter-aid cake to make it more resistant to pressure fluctuations and interruptions.
  • Preventing fine particulate bleed-through.
  • Precoating easily and rapidly.
  • Reducing soluble contamination.