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Cappelle – a Ferro Company

Cappelle, an internationally recognized pigment producer, is now part of the Ferro family of pigment companies; joining the Ferro line of metal oxides, ultramarine blue, iron oxides, and cool colors. Cappelle has become well known for it’s high quality standards in products and service. Cappelle produces from facilities in Menen, Belgium and Halluin, France. Cappelle offers a palette of high quality organic pigments, transparent iron oxides, and bismuth vanadate pigments.

  • Known for high transparency and color strength, Cappelle pigments in a range from azo yellow and oranges over Naphthol red to a dye-based range of Lumiere violets offer shades for water, solvent, and UV; screen, metal deco, and flexo inks.
  • Cappelle Lysopac high lightfast organic pigments, bismuth vanadates and Cappoxyt transparent iron oxides meet the highest demands of automotive, industrial & powder coatings, architectural paints, and wood stains.
  • Whether for PVC, polyolefin, fibers, or engineering resins, Cappelle offers a number of high heat stable organic and inorganic pigments.