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Cimbar Performance Minerals

Cimbar Performance Minerals is the leading producer of barytes fillers in the U.S. Barytes is a high density, low absorption, and durable filler with excellent sound and thermal insulating capabilities. Cimbar offers filler barytes, high purity barytes, USP grade barium sulfate, and blanc fixe. As well, they are producers of magnesium hydroxide and ATH. Cimbar produces from facilities in Chatsworth, Georgia; Houston, Texas; Mt. Vernon, Indiana; and Wellsville, Ohio.

  • Cimbar and Barimite range barytes
  • BariScan USP grade barium sulfate for cosmetic and X-ray detectable applications
  • Miti-Wite high chemical purity barytes
  • Cimbar BF blanc fixe
  • Polyfill/Polyjet ATH flame retardants for plastics, sealants, coatings and latex backings
  • UltraMag magnesium hydroxide flame retardant fillers for plastic and rubber compounds