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Golcha Minerals

Golcha Group is the largest Integrated Talc “Mining to Marketing” Company in Asia Pacific. Established almost 140 years ago in 1880, Golcha Group is undisputedly the leading source available. The Lamellarity, Whiteness and Purity of the Golcha Group’s talc are the key factors which provide our customers a competitive edge over the other options available in the global market. We are guided by the “STAR”, which stands for “Sustainability” in our process, “Traceability” in our Product, Guaranteed “Asbestos Free” material and “Reliable” source with over 50 million Tons of Talc deposit.

We offer:

  • High purity talc content
  • Guaranteed asbestos-free
  • Guaranteed crystalline silica-free
  • Extremely lamellar talc
  • Brightness ranges from 80 – 97