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New Brook International, Inc.

New Brook International is a full-service import and distribution company representing quality manufacturers with niche raw materials. NBI’s management brings over 100 years of manufacturing and industry experience. NBI was founded in 1990 as part of a global expansion of our sister company, Bruchsaler Farbenfabrik, a 4th generation, family owned pigment manufacturing company, located in Bruchsal, Germany.

Our manufacturing partners are family owned enterprises that serve the global marketplace with a keen focus on quality, service and the environment. Together we deliver first class raw materials with superior customer service via a network of NAFTA wide sales coverage and stocking points across the US from our headquarters in Northern New Jersey.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE PIGMENTS: bismuth vanadate, corporate and custom blends (lead-free, molybdate-free and cadmium free), fluorescents, glow-in-the dark, iron oxides, lithopone, metallic (aluminum and bronze), organics for UV/LED applications, RAL- colors, ultramarine blue.
  • DRY BLENDED PIGMENTS: corporate and custom colors, RAL and pantone standards
  • ANTI-CORROSIVES: micaceous iron oxide and Pigmentan® (magnesium based) environmentally friendly raw materials.
  • MINERALS AND FILLERS: biotite, mica, vermiculite, precipitated silica.

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