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Altiplus™ and Altibright™ products are high brightness, asbestos free, platy functional fillers/extenders developed for diverse industrial applications, such as: coatings & primers, powder coatings, pulp & paper, as well as color sensitive rubber and plastics applications. Altiplus™ contains approximately 92% Pure Pyrophyllite and 8% white muscovite mica, making it an ideal reinforcing additive for filled and reinforced plastics.

As a hydrous aluminum silicate, Altiplus contains the same monoclinic platy structure as talc and belongs to the same mineral family as talc. The two minerals have similar physical properties:

  • High chemical resistance and low electrical conductivity.
  • Increased stiffness (flexural modulus)
  • Improved dimensional and heat stability
  • Improved heat deflection

In coatings and paints, our products also bring many benefits to wood coatings, gel coats, color concentrates, inks, adhesives, sealants, and putties. As an extremely bright mineral – 95 dry – we have successfully replaced talc and calcined kaolin clay in coatings applications. Altiplus™ and Altibright™ help you with:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Barrier properties
  • Hiding and TiO2 extender
  • Flatting – mattings
  • Mud cracking
  • Rheology
  • VOC reduction

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